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Tips to choose the right location

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The most important factor that enables you to choose the location of your property is your self-requirements and preferences. You might have a number of reasons and purposes to invest in a particular plot. The location should be an appropriate match to your requirement and never compromise on your needs. Period.
Centrality and Proximity is the key. Check the list of eminent educational institutions, commercial spaces, service providers, industrial hubs, government institutions and commuting facilities around the site. Accessibility is the most crucial aspect for you to choose a location if you are planning to move in with your family.
Along with accessibility, a serene and a vibrant neighbourhood plays an important factor in terms of settling with your family. No one wants to move into a neighbourhood that lacks energy. Imagine a serene landscape that is buzzing with so much spirit around. That is exactly the perfect site that you can gift your loved ones.
Growth Potential
In terms of investment, obviously you have to chart down the growth potential of the location. Government plans and proposals for new commercial and industrial hubs, IT corridors, educational institutions, public transportation and infrastructure are key signs for you to assess the growth potential of the particular location
Trustable Developer
Along with all the factors mentioned above, the name of the developer is a significant facilitator for you to choose an appropriate location. Your developer who has built their trust and legacy over a number of projects have already worked on your preferences and benefits. So, choosing a trustable developer solves half your problem is choosing the location.

Skandhanshi Infra Projects that has built a firm legacy for its services and projects presents Sarovar, residential layouts in Anantapur, in a perfect location for your perfect home!
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Skandhanshi’s Sarovar

Sarovar Anantapur
Sarovar is Sanskrit meaning “Lake”. As the name suggests Skandhanshi’s Sarovar stands as a symbol of elegance and eternity.

After having established an astounding track record of developing trusted open plots in Anantapur, Skandhanshi Infra Projects had launched this gem of a realty venture that has set a new benchmark for gated community plots in Anantapur.

Sarovar has managed to become one of the sensational sites in the region for being one of the most well-placed and developed open plots for sale in Anantapur.

The main highlight of the project is its proximity to eminent educational institutions, markets, offices, as well as, access to transport. Located at Hampapuram, the site is very close to Vani Educational Institute, Chaitanya School, St. Thomas Residential School,SLN Junior College, Delhi Public School, PVKK Institute of Technology to name a few. It is also very close to Sakshi Newspaper Office, Gold Fields JCB Showroom, Ashok Leyland Service Centre, Mahindra Showroom and other prominent commercial spaces. The locational features make these residential layouts in Anantapur one of the finest your money can buy.

In addition, the venture offers a brilliant range of amenities that give you and your family an exceptional living that you have been longing for. BT roads have been constructed for your comfortable commutation. Water supply and drainage system have been impeccably planned to avoid any sorts of inconveniences. With 100% Vastu compliant your plot gets all the checkboxes cleared for you to construct your dream home. Children’s play area is available for your kids to spend their evening in the most joyous way. We have also provided a Conference Hall within the venture as an exciting add-on.

With no second thoughts, Skandhanshi’s Sarovar with all its remarkable features becomes the best option for you to buy Residential Plots for sale in Anantapur.
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Skandhanshi’s Pudami Estates

Pudami Estates Blog
To own a Villa is everyone’s dream. The sense of living, comfort and independence is amazing when you live in a villa with your family. Considering these aspirations, Skandhanshi offers an extraordinary project – Pudami Estates, Villas for sale in Anantapur. Elegance and serenity are the timeless characteristics of these independent villas in Anantapur.

Wall finishes
External walls and internal walls have 9” thickness and 4” thickness respectively, made up of red bricks. Cement bricks have been used for parapet walls and elevation. Internal walls and ceiling shall be coated with wall putty and painted with emulsion paints. Front elevation shall be coated with external wall care putty and other three sides shall be painted with external emulsion paint.

For living spaces, flooring is made up of premium vitrified tiles of 2’ by 2’size. For the parking area, designer parking tiles will be provided at front set back and for the other three sides, safari stone will be provided.

Other Amenities
The foremost requirement of an independent house is safety. We have provided 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance as well to ensure your safety. All the houses are designed and built with 100% Vaastu compliance. A mineral water plant and independent water supply are planned and constructed for your unconstrained water requirements. Children’s play area is designed within the project for your kids to have unlimited fun. Secure compound walls made up of cement bricks with iron gate is provided. A well-planned street lighting is provided to ensure safety and serenity.

Location Highlights
Pudami Estates is adjacent to Anantapur – Amaravathi Express Way and to the Railway Station. It is also very close to Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sri Krishna Devaraya University and a number of Engineering, Pharma and Management Colleges. Anantapur Sports Village and Anantapur Sports Academy are very closer to the site, making it an exciting residential place.

Like mentioned in the beginning of this blog, owning an independent villa is everyone’s dream. The amenities, design, construction and location of Skandhanshi’s Pudami Estates is an excellent choice for independent houses in Anantapur, making your dream extraordinary.
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Why should you buy a villa?

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Buying a property, especially a residential space is a hectic job indeed in terms of decision-making. When you have a number options ahead to choose, making a wise choice comes with several factors. So here, we are offering a few insights as to why you should buy a villa / 2 BHK Houses!

Privacy and Exclusivity

Have your own workspace, party-zone, garden, car parking and other options you have been desiring for. But this time hassle-free and with least anxiety of not having enough privacy. Privacy is always an important need, however most of us end up compromising. An independent villa / 2 BHK Houses always assures you the privacy you have always been longing for.

Convenience and Freedom
Convenience and freedom assure you a sense of belonging to your home. Altering your living space as you wish to, planning a rooftop garden for your household needs, owning your own pets for an amazing company are all wishes that you can go for without second thought or objections. The bottom-line is, you’re free to do as per your comfort and need.
Landscape and neighbourhood
Independent villas always come with a serene landscape and a vibrant neighbourhood. Filled with lush greenery and fabulous pathways, it is guaranteed that your mornings are going to have a blissful start. Living in a spirited community is an important need for every age group and gender. The elderly, kids, employed men and women, all require their own peer groups for a content living. Independent villas can always provide you the energetic community you require.
Villa communities are always provided with top-notch amenities catering for all requirements. Safety, security, water management, play areas, maintenance and care, pathways etc. meet the luxury lifestyle you have been aspiring for.

The features mentioned above are essential for a vibrant living of your family. Villas are an amazing option for you to choose, if you are desiring for one. Skandhanshi offers its premium project Pudami Estates – Villas / 2 BHK Houses For Sale In Anantapur, catering to each of your residential needs.
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