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Aavirbhav: The new investment opportunity of Kadapa

Aavirbhav: The new investment opportunity of Kadapa.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most progressive states in the country in terms of its commercial and industrial developments, which has been the sole reason for the steadily increasing interest of real estate developers and investors in the land. In Rayalaseema, Kadapa is one of the rapidly growing city that has the greatest value in the real estate chain. The policies and development strategies planned by the governing bodies have uplifted the real estate sector of this region post-pandemic.
In this progressive city, Skandhanshi Infra Projects has constructed several residential projects near well-developed areas that enjoy the benefits of connectivity and easy access to commercial services at low cost in Kadapa. Here we bring you yet another project, Skandhanshi Aavirbhav, a residential plot project that is situated at the heart of connectivity and convenience. This residential land/Plot for sale in Airport Road Kadapa comes with a wide range of amenities that you and your family need the most. Wide Roads as per govt Norms, avenue plantation, children’s park, drainage system, electricity with transformer, entrance arch, master compound wall, mineral water plant, name board to each plot, street lighting, water supply to each plot to water tank facility, here you have everything needed for a comfortable living.
This property is the key to a fortunate future. Aavirbhav is located close to some of the prominent locations of Kadapa that awaken the possibilities of a prosperous future. It is just a few mins away from the Kadapa Airport, thus making it one of the most sorted projects in the region. Apart from the land value, personal factors also affect the value of the land. Aavirbhav is an ideal choice for you to settle down with your family. Several reputed educational institutions are situated around the corner. Balaji Institute of IT, KORM Engineering College, KSRM Engineering College, Kadapa Public School, and Fathima Educational Institution, there are many for you to choose from for your child’s education. The Kopparthy Mega Industrial Park will provide huge employment opportunities. The residential plot project is just mins away from this project, letting you stay close to one of the most booming locales. The neighbourhood here is blessed with the divine presence of some of the most worshipped temples of the region. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple Devuni Kadapa and Sri Vijaya Durga Devi Temple are around away from Aavirbhav.
Don’t you think these aspects justify your quest for a fruitful future? From location highlights to facilities, Aavirbhav has all it takes to be one of the best-gated community plot projects in Kadapa. If you are someone looking for an ideal residential open plot to invest in Kadapa, then Aavirbhav is one that assures you a thriving today and a fortunate tomorrow, thus securing the happiness of your family. Reach out to us to make the right investment choice.
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Here’s why investing in Nannur reaps fortunes.

Here's why investing in Nannur reaps fortunes.

A true investment for a fortunate tomorrow.
Every investment choice is made with the hope to attain the right return value. We make many decisions for our family with an eye to elevate us to a higher living. We bring you one such investment choice, Silver Nest from Skandhanshi Infra Projects, which is the synonym for prosperous living. Silver Nest is an investment choice that unlocks your fortunes. Being situated close to the Kurnool Airport and its subsidiary places, Silver Nest is addressing all your modern needs, which comes with a wide road developed as per KUDA norms, drainage facilities, transformer and electricity supply, parks and avenue plantation, and a special water tank facility, among others.
Skandhanshi Infra always thinks of every customer’s family who invests with us, and like the head of the family, we build our projects in the most desired locations that are easily accessible to hospitals, educational institutions, commercial services, and many more. These residential plots/land for sale in Nannur, which is closed to Kurnool.
Silver Nest is an investment choice that unlocks your fortunes. Being situated close to the Kurnool Airport and its subsidiaries, Silver Nest, addresses all your modern needs. Conveniences are a part of everyone’s life, and we have brought together everything you need for a joyful tomorrow. This address brings you facilities that match your living standards and assures you the right value for your investment. Silver Nest is designed to nurture your happiness today and tomorrow.
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Premium Villa Plots That Perfectly Match Your Dream

Premium Villa Plots That Perfectly Match Your Dream.

Everyone dreams to own a home of their own. It is a sign of success and pride to behold a safe roof above one’s head. Living a luxurious life, that meets the comforts, needs, and perceptions just the way you want might not be possible in an already built home. So building your dream home is a journey that you have well begun before it starts.
Luxury is promised by most developers in today’s market. Home buyers today look for luxuries that go beyond materialistic benefits to make life better. Now the question is how will you know the right investment choice?
Here are a few best practices that help you while you are planning to buy a villa plot or land to construct your dream home.
Research Before You Invest Make a thorough research analysis of the property, builder, and location for you to make a wise choice. The legacy and authenticity of the builder can be assured by cross-checking valid data available online and offline. You can shortlist the properties that fall within your criteria to make things easier.
Know The Developer Very Well When you are looking for investing in ideal villa plots for sale, it is clever to invest with a developer who has years of experience and an untarnished legacy.

Amenities and Facilities

Villa plots come with facilities and amenities that address the needs of your family. Choose a property that is built with at least basic amenities and is close to other conveniences like hospitals, schools, grocery stores, transport facilities, and other commercial services for the land value will increase in the future making it an ideal investment choice for today and tomorrow.
Having said all that, we know there are many luxury villa plots for sale at Ram Nagar 80 Feet Road, Anantapur, among the many there is one that stands ideal. Skandhanshi Eternia, premium villa plots for sale at Ram Nagar, Anantapur, lies close to developments and luxuries that add comfort to life. The property is smartly built with amenities and facilities that you and your family need like CC Road, Electricity Facility, Avenue Plantation, Municipal Water Facility, Park Development, Name Boards for Each Plot, Underground Drainage & Stormwater Drain facilities. Apart from this, the property lies in close proximity to hospitals, schools, entertainment centres, transport facilities, and other commercial services.
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An Investment That Secures Your Child’s Future

An Investment That Secures Your Child’s Future

Today we have many investment options available, be it stock market, bonds, or mutual funds to reap benefits from the money one has made with hardwork. When you start earning and saving, investments naturally take shape.
Land investments are one of the most secured investment choices that bring you the right return value, and we all agree that investments are made with an eye for the future. When it comes to the future of your dear ones especially your children, investing right makes a big difference. Let us take a look at what makes land investment ideal.

Zero Maintenance Cost

Land investments don’t need any maintenance when compared to an already built property. If you invest in a developed space, it definitely needs to be maintaned, and on a long term the maintenance cost could put a burden on you. Neither your child will have to take the trouble for maintenance when it comes to land investments.

Right Return Value

Mutual funds and stocks have big risk aligned with them, while bank savings have low interest, but land investments will bring you valued returns. Investing in land is more secure, for in the coming years, the value of land will skyrocket, and by the time your child grows up the price of land will be higher than the investment cost. The best part of investing in land is that you don’t have to do much, just wait for the value to increase.

Multiple Possibilities

Investing in open plots lets you use the land in different ways, be it for business purposes, resale or to construct a house for your child. The possibilities are endless.
With all that said, land investments should be made at the right location and with a trusted developer. In the southern part of Andhra Pradesh, at Kadapa, lies a promising piece of land under the residential plots project, Iris of Skandhanshi Infra Projects, with amenities and facilities that bring you comfort and address your family’s needs. These Residential Properties For Sale in Kadapa are built with facilities like a children’s play area, avenue plantation, rainwater harvesting pit, electricity with transformer, special water tank in venture, drainage system, entrance arch, and much more that adds value to living at Iris.
Discover the joy you live for today and value tomorrow at Iris.
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Here’s how to choose the right commercial space to invest in?

Here's how to choose the right commercial space to invest in?

Commercial spaces are one of the most preferred investment choices that have garnered the attention of investors with the growing market and economic conditions. If you are looking to invest in commercial open spaces for your business, then here are a few pointers that will help you make the right decision.

Know The Business Of The Area

Get to know the business market of the area. Each location has a potential growth value and development strategies associated with it, which when used properly will benefit your business. Analyzing the competitors in the area is also an important factor you don’t want to miss.

Evaluate the location

When you are planning to invest in a commercial space for your business, then you need to look out for the space that best suits your motives. It is best to get commercial space in the heart of the city, at the centre of connectivity and convenience. The right location gives you the right exposure, which aids in the smooth functioning of your business.

Infrastructure and Amenities

The infrastructure and amenities that are provided in the commercial space play a pivotal role in the operations of your business. The amenities aid in the smooth functioning of your business, primary facilities like security, cleanliness, technical assistance, networking, parking and drinking water facilities are mandatory for any business.

Check the Legal Documents

Before deciding to buy the property, make sure the property is legally authentic. RERA approval, land usage approval, conversion approval, and occupancy certificates are a few you need to take a look at.

Trust the Reputed Developer

It is always advised to invest with the trusted developer who has an incomparable legacy and vast industrial experience. With reputation comes trust, so do your background analysis and know your developer before you invest.
With all that said, here is one property that fits all the pointers mentioned above. Commercial property for sale in Bellary chowrasta Kurnool near the national highway 44 at Skandhanshi’s Shops & Spaces is available within your budget with early possession at the prime location with all facilities from the reputed Skandhanshi Infra Projects. This ready-to-move commercial shop brings you top-class amenities and facilities such as generator backup, CCTV surveillance, multiple lifts for passengers, and ample parking areas to scale up your business. The right investment space gives you the right exposure and growth. You must invest in order to grow and prosper.
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The emerging investment location among millennials

The emerging investment location among millennials

The rising market post lockdown has witnessed major changes and shifts in investments. Land investments are gaining momentum among the early home investors. Reports show a 34% YOY growth in the real estate market, with millennials showing keen interest in land investments when compared to property investments.
People prefer to stay in spacious, uncluttered homes which are built as per their dreams. A home has many sentiments associated with it. Right from planning to the final interior works, every minute detail is taken care of to reflect perfection. But what is even more important is where you are building your home. Exactly, the location is what determines tangible and intangible aspects of growth. One such location which is currently booming with investments is Ballari, the Steel City Of India.
Located in the Eastern part of Karnataka, Ballari is well-connected to Hyderabad through the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway. The national highway connects this region with other neighbouring states, which also act as a catalyst that attracts investments into the city. Several young homebuyers and investors are investing with an eye on the fruitful future. The expanding city limits open gates for employment opportunities, better educational and health care facilities, and other day-to-day services much needed for a standardised living.
Investing in an ever-developing area assures you right returns at the time of sales. Ballari is a promising locale for you to settle with your family with the ease of connectivity and convenience. Among the many land investment choices available, choosing the right place and the developer is the key to your success. Skandhanshi Aashray Phase 2, Residential Plots/Land for sale in Siruguppa Road Ballari, is centred to everything your family needs, keeping you connected to the conveniences of life. The property comes with state-of-the-art facilities such as 9 meters CC roads, underground electricity, underground drainage facility, name boards for each plot, water tap for each plot, garden around children’s play area and much more.
Own your space in the land of developments with Skandhanshi Aashray Phase 2.
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Why is Anantapur a hot investment deal

Why is Anantapur a hot investment deal?

Over the years, the real estate graph has kept increasing with land becoming the favourite investment choice for investors. Strategic developments have played a great deal in moulding desolate land into precious treasure boxes.
Anantapur, officially known as Anantapuramu, is a fast-growing city in Andhra Pradesh, that is booming with investments. The number of plots available for sale and the land transactions conducted over the years has increased 50 times. Aspirational middle-class investors can now make the right investment choice at Anantapur, but before doing so, let’s see why Anantapur is a hot investment deal.
You can choose Anantapur for investment, and here’s why:
Strategic Location
Anantapur remains connected to the most happening cities of India, Bangalore, and Hyderabad through NH 44 in the north and Chennai via NH 205 in the south. Connectivity to the prominent cities of South India gives it the upper hand for business flow with the ease of accessibility enabled through quick transportation.
Better Connectivity
The easy road, rail, and air transportation make Anantapur an easily accessible city. The private as well as government transport facilities are available in the city 24/7 for the convenience of the people. Kempegowda Airport at Bengaluru is the nearest airport that connects the city to the world.
Job Growth & Opportunities
The big shot investments made in Anantapur by Kia Motors have opened many career opportunities in Anantapur. Industrial growth is flooding the market with growth opportunities for the state as a whole.
Education Facility
Anantapur is a major educational centre that has many schools, colleges, and universities. Some of the most reputed colleges like Central University of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Sathya Sai University, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, PVKK Institute of Technology, JNTU Anantapur, Government Medical College, Arts College, etc, are some of the most known. The different CBSE schools, English mediums schools, and state-driven schools make it easier to access education.
Healthcare Accessibility
Anantapur has some of the best healthcare facilities in the private and government sectors, such as MGB Clinics, KIMS- Saveera hospital, Anantapur Government hospital & Super Specialty hospital to be mentioned.
Anantapur has it all, everything you ever thought of having. Buy residential open plots for sale in Anantapur and settle into a comforting life that gives you abundant pleasures to indulge in. One such amazing property you wouldn’t want to miss out on is Skandhanshi Garden Vistas at Anantapur. This serene neighbourhood is located along the Hyderabad-Bengaluru highway, offering investors a great range of spaces to invest and grow. The property comes with a wide range of facilities such as an entrance arch, water tank, drainage facility, street lights, transformer, park and plantations, and many more. Live the life you have dreamt of in the dream land at Garden Vistas.
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Planning To Buy A 3 BHK Apartment Here’s What You Need To Know

Planning To Buy A 3 BHK Apartment? Here's What You Need To Know.

We all aspire to own a home of our own, be it an apartment, a villa, or an independent house. It takes years of planning and discussions to build your home. The present and the future aspects are kept in mind while carefully choosing or building one’s dream home. The area that surrounds your home influences your comfort and convenience on a broad spectrum. The growing city limits of Kurnool with abundant investments and development strategies, make it an ideal place to settle down with your dear ones.
Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your 3 BHK apartment.
As we just introduced, the address plays a major role in determining the standard of living and the value of your property. You should look out for a locale that gives you quick access to schools, medical facilities, grocery stores, entertainment hubs, bus stands, etc. The facilities in and around your property determine the future value of the property as well as your lifestyle. Quick connectivity to prominent star-studded locations is an added bonus.
Light & Ventilation
Natural lighting is an important factor that improves the aesthetics of living by creating a delightful ambiance. The ventilation and lighting of your apartment determine the quality of your interior styling. Moreover, adequate lighting and ventilation keeps your apartment healthy and makes you feel jovial.
Comfort is the central idea upon which your home is built. Apartments come with facilities ranging from CCTV Surveillance, Intercom Facilities, Children’s Play Area, Car Parking, 8 Capacity Passenger Lifts to Rainwater Harvesting Pits to mention a few. So look for amenities and facilities that let you relax and rejuvenate in your heavenly abode.
Safety & Security
Genz buyers are more considerate about the safety and security of the neighbourhood. A secure neighbourhood means peace of mind, so check out for apartments with foolproof security and 24×7 surveillance.
Here’s one address that is an amalgamation of comfort, convenience, and connectivity, crafted to give you a high-standard living experience in Kurnool. Skandhanshi’s Nanda Gokulam brings you 3 BHK premium luxury apartments for sale at Ballari Chowrasta, Kurnool that are a reflection of quality, standard, and value. This residential complex comes with an array of facilities to address all your necessities. Grocery stores, hospitals, banks, police station, filling station, etc. are in close vicinity to the property. Discover the joy of living a peaceful life with your family at Nanda Gokulam.
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Here’s why the young crowd prefers a gated community in Anantapur

Here’s why the young crowd prefers a gated community in Anantapur

A home is far more than the four walls that surround you. It is where your happiness is nurtured, and your comforts are addressed. It is a new chapter in your life which is shaped by your choices and preferences.
The changing lifestyle has shown a drastic evolution in the preferences of home buyers. The transforming work-life cycle is giving a new dimension to the traditional framework of a home. This changing scenario has created a liking among the younger generation for gated communities over stand-alone apartments or houses. Working professionals can take a break from their tiring days and socialize with like-minded people in the open spaces or at the recreational center, and children can play in a secure neighborhood.
Here’s why professionals, new-age parents, and millennials prefer gated communities:
Safety & Security
Safety and security are what attract people to a gated community. Gated communities are equipped with CCTV and intercom facilities to create a safe and secure environment for the residents. This fool-proof environment lets children play around without you having the stress and tension of your child’s safety.
Ample Amenities
Gated communities come with a plethora of amenities such as a children’s play area, rainwater harvesting pit, mineral water plant, and much more to address the needs of a comfortable life.
Living a Socially Connected Life
A gated community brings together people from different regions, creating an ideal environment for children and adults to socialize, thus helping reduce screen time. Newgen home buyers wish to give their children a great childhood filled with play and fun. The children’s play area is where friendships bloom.
Easy Maintenance
Maintenance is easy and quick in a gated community apartment because all it takes is to raise a service request or make a call to the maintenance in charge.
Eco-Friendly Living
Landscaping and sustainability are some factors that bring people to gated communities. It takes care of environmentally responsible deeds like water management, green cover maintenance, waste management, and electricity usage.
Gated communities come with amenities that uplift and blend with your lifestyle. These smartly built homes nurture your aspirations and fulfill your dreams with their connectivity to prominent work hubs. Breathe a sense of serenity as you stand on the spacious balcony. It just feels complete at Platina with everything you need around you.
As the gated community creates a safe, secure, comfortable, and versatile neighborhood, it is the obvious choice for many new home buyers. Skandhanshi’s Platina, a gated community of 2 & 3 BHK Apartments for Sale in Anantapur, is a haven of comfort designed with your loved ones of all ages in mind. The 2 & 3 BHK flats are centred around amenities that fulfill all your basic needs. There are an array of amenities ranging from the very spacious and high capacity Passenger Lifts with A/C provision, Car Parking, CCTV Surveillance, Power Back-up Generator, Children’s Play Area, Rainwater Harvesting Pit, Mineral Water Plant, to Solar Fencing, everything built for your convenience. The ease of connectivity to the National Highway and proximity to Bengaluru and other services give the property the right investment value.
Live in a home that brings you comfort and nurtures your aspirations.
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Why is investing in residential plots at Nannur ideal

Why is investing in residential plots at Nannur ideal?

The recent market shift has changed the preference of home buying and investments. People are investing more in land because most of the new-gen crowd prefer to live in standalone houses when compared to apartments. Further investing in open plots is seen as lucrative because it yields high returns when compared to the amount invested. Also, buying open plots lets you utilise it as you wish.

Why invest in open plots?

Low Investment
The cost of open plots is comparatively lower due to the absence of construction cost. It is an ideal investment choice for young professionals to reap the right investment returns with time.
High Returns
The land value will keep increasing with time. If you invest in a land that is surrounded by well developed infrastructure and services, its price will definitely increase when you want to sell the land. Considering this, it’s no wonder that buying open plots is an effective investment choice.
An open plot of your own gives you the upper hand of building your dream home the way you want. You can also re-sell the property or make it a source of second income.
Finally if you are planning to invest in open plots, you have to evaluate the land value in terms of future growth aspects, that is, the infrastructural development and connectivity of the region. Better connectivity and development startegies will increase the chances of value appreciation of your plot.
If you are looking for residential land/plots in Nannur, Kurnool, then Skandhanshi Silver Spring is one that you wouldn’t want to miss. These KUDA-approved plots are close to the Kurnool-Nandyal Highway (NH 40) with all the amenities needed for a comfortable living. These residential plots lie adjacent to Orwakal Airport with proximity to Rock Garden, AP Tourism, reputed educational institutions, Nannur Toll Plaza and much more. The plot lies near to the proposed highway project increasing the value of the property in the future.
Take the right step to enjoy a brighter future that you have dream of with Skandhanshi Silver Springs.
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