Whether you are looking to buy the Better Apartment or the perfect individual house,

Skandhanshi Infra Projects

brings the best of the best Design Standards that will apply satisfaction to all apartment and independent house developments and in Rayalaseema, Bangalore, Bellary & Hyderabad. Apartments and independent

house developments

comes with best Design Standards to ensure that development respects existing or preferred in future are characterized to meet every individual’s personal interests. Apartment developments that of five or more storey’s in a residential area will be assessed against fire & safety standards as well as the Better Design Standards to ensure that development reflects the existing or preferred urban context. The Better Apartments Design Standards are clearly derived in this blog for your thoughtful reference and arrive at a decision to finalise your purchase.


IS ALWAYS SWEETEST AND BEST ACTIVITY OF LIFETIME. First and foremost considerations you need to look before purchase in an Apartment/House are
  • Residential area – proximity: We always choose a prime litigant free area
  • Flat/Apartment diversity – our built apartments are open for all diversities of life bringing a unique blend to the socio needs. No doubt all were equally respected balancing the lifestyle through every function & festival.
  • Infrastructure : We bring out the latest and best technical practices to build every construction
  • Integration with street : Keeping the most preferred sentiments we blend the entrances of each house/apartment that best suits to every family requirement.
  • Amenity Access : Every resident member of the apartments will have an access to all the amenities that were developed for the community use.
  • Parking location : Thoughtfully planned parking requirements are always on offer to all the residents along with car wash areas that enhances the common areas HYGENE
  • Walls on boundaries : All our Residential ventures will always be compounded with walls and on top electrical fencing, giving you the absolute safety and peace of mind.
  • Internal views : Our thoughtful design is always done keeping the privacy as priority and so the privacy of one family living is never at stake.
  • Common property : The usage of common property is enhanced so that all the residents can use optimally all the available common amenities
  • Site services : Our maintenance services will continue long and long, we at Skandhanshi will never get disconnected from you and are always available at your service.
  • Building setback : Our apartments setback are well designed beyond the required. Under disaster situations they best welcome the Ambulances and Fire engines for speedy recoveries and minimise the loss.
  • Functional layout : We always consider the best accepted configurations, with more comfort and convenience in daily living
    • Our design response meets every family need.
    • The usability, functionality and amenity of every living space rooms will increase the standard of living.
  • Room dimensions (hall bedroom & kitchen) The room combines the living area, bed area, dining area and kitchen. The Master bedroom, kitchen are located utmost aptly to the suggested vasthu layout.
  • Windows
    • The extent to which the flat/house room is provided with reasonable daylight access through the number, size, location and orientation of windows.
    • The usability and amenity of the apartment based on the layout, siting, size and orientation of livable rooms.
  • Storage
    • Each residence should have convenient access to usable and secure storage space.
    • The total minimum storage space (including kitchen, bathroom and bedroom storage) that is available is clearly defined by default and beyond this customer has got an option of increasing the storage space.
  • Noise impacts
    • The location of noise sensitive rooms (such as living area and bedrooms) and private open space are carefully planned away from the location of mechanical plants, lifts, building services, non-residential uses, car parking, and communal areas.
  • Energy efficiency Our flats and houses are Oriented to make appropriate use of natural light and they are sited and designed to ensure that the energy efficiency of existing residences on adjoining lots is not unreasonably reduced. Living room areas and private open space balconies located mostly on the side that is more open to sky.
  • Natural ventilation & Cross ventilation Our

    residential house plans

    are thoughtfully designed considering the natural and cross ventilation of the air and light allowing the residences with more light and air. The size, orientation, slope and wind exposure of the site.
  • Privacy from open spaces
    • The usability, accessibility and functionality of the private open space is available with every flat keeping the natural air and light in consideration. The wind conditions and the sunlight it receives is high on our priority.
  • Communal open spaces
    • Common amenities and open common spaces are plenty in our every developing and developed venture apartments. They provide passive supervision opportunities, wherever appropriate.
    • Provide viewpoint for as many residences as practicable.
    • Avoid overlooking into livable rooms and private open space of new residences.
    • Minimise noise impacts to new and existing residences.
    • Be designed to protect any natural features on the site.
    • Maximise landscaping opportunities.
    • Be accessible and usable.
  • Landscaping
    • The landscape layout and plantation provide safe, attractive and functional environment
    • We consider landscaping opportunities such as green walls, green roofs and roof top gardens that will reduce heat absorption.
    • Maximise opportunities for deep soil area to allow for planting.
    • Take into account the soil type and drainage patterns of the site and integrate planting and water management.
    • Allow for intended vegetation growth and structural protection of buildings.
    • These are part of the character of the neighborhood and the local context.
  • Apartment IN & OUT entry and exit Access to street In & Out entry is strategically developed keeping the movement of the residents in their own fleet of vehicles. Entries to flats and buildings are clearly visible and easily identifiable. They Provide shelter, a sense of personal address and a transitional space around the entry. The layout and design of buildings clearly distinguish entrances to residential and non-residential areas. Provide windows to building entrances and lobbies, including open stairs and lift areas. Provide common areas and corridors that: Include at least one source of natural light and natural ventilation. Avoid obstruction from building services. Maintain clear sight lines.
  • Integrated RO water facility Pure and clear drinking RO water facility is made available at all the ventures
  • Rain water harvesting system Every apartment is provided for the collection of rain water and a harvesting system is provided to keep up the ground water levels These are the most common aspects that everyone looks into before purchase of new homes. Hopeful we have kept you aware of the best possibilities before you take decision go for purchase.

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